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Shruti Arts Navratri Celebrations -Nav Durga


Colour . Culture Worship Celebration 

Art Gallery

The beginning of autumn brings the annual sacred festival of Navratri and marks the worship of Goddess Durga.

Nine nights of celebration is the cultural focus that brings the community together in a vibrant and colourful festival symbolising the triumph of good over evil. In 1980’s, Ashit & Hema Desai from Mumbai brought their inspirational music that set the standard for Shruti Arts’ which continues to celebrate Navratri in the traditional style with music that celebrates and rejoices triumph of the human spirit making this celebration one of the finest in the country. Experience Shruti Arts RaasGarba; let the music rejuvenate your mind in this vibrant celebration of nine nights.


I really enjoy attending Navratri with Shruti Arts, it’s lovely to listen to traditional Garba”

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