Taraana Classical Choir

Taraana’ is a musical idea envisaged by Shruti Arts in partnership with the highly talented Mumbai-based singer, composer and arranger, Ashit Desai who has drawn inspiration from his association of three decades with the late sitar legend, Pandit Ravi Shankar. Hema Desai, who’s so often graced the stage with her melodious voice, supports many of the vocals and conducts the Choir.
Taraana spans a rich array of India musical genres from classical, folk, devotional to popular.
This initiative is supported by Arts Council England, who see the work of Shruti Arts’ through Taraana as one of the best music projects involving the local community.
Unlike anything we’ve seen or heard on the UK Asian music scene which is largely dominated by Bollywood, ‘Taraana’ comes as a breath of fresh air with a musical expression that I’m confident will take you by surprise.