UTSAV Spring Fest 2019 – 3 Day Programme

A three day event featuring some of the finest emerging talent from the world of Indian Classical Music

Friday 26th April 2019, 7.30pm - Day 1

Dhanashri Ghaisas (vocal), Ustad Surjeet Singh (sarangi), Sanju Sahai (tabla) & Kaviraj Singh (harmonium)

Saturday 27th April 2019, 7.30pm - Day 2

Ninad Mulaokar (Indian bamboo flute), Giuliano Moderelli (guitar), Shahbaz Hussain (tabla)

Sunday 28th April 2019, 5pm - Meet the Artists (free event)
´╗┐An interactive session providing an opportunity to engage in a dialogue and to get to know the artists and be inspired by their musical journey.

Sunday 28th April 2019, 6.00pm - Day 3

Anal Chatterjee (vocal), Ninad Muloakar (Indian bamboo flute), Shahbaz Hussain (tabla), Kaviraj Singh (harmonium)


UTSAV 2019 concludes with all lead artists performing together on stage. A finale befitting the spirit of the festival.


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